About us

ULTRA4 Australia is Australia's only Ultra4 Racing series backed by Ultra4 Racing USA owner Dave Cole.

Unless you’ve heard or watched the infamous King of the Hammers race in Johnson Valley, Southern California, then your probably not all too familiar with the insane world of Off-Road Ultra4 Racing.

Ultra4 racing consists of a mixture of driving through rugged terrain, rock crawling and doing insane speeds.

We currently offer a 3 race series in Queensland with the goal to run more events in different states.

We have four classes that compete in the Ultra4 series; Ultra4 (limited and unlimited), Modified class and UTV. Click here for more information about the Ultra4 Class differences.

We aim to make the events as family-friendly as possible and we find a lot of our competitors are family teams.

If you are interested in competing, find out more about getting started.