2021 All Metal Magic Round 1 Results

2021 All Metal Magic Round 1 Results

The 2021 Ultra4 Australia race season kicked off on 15th May 2021 at Landcruiser Mountain Park. The day was jammed packed with the first 1.5hr session starting at 8.30am. All 4 classes were racing together with hard rocky climbs, rock sections, BIG drops and fast straights. There were roll overs, wheels falling of cars but surprisingly most vehicles remained unscathed. It seen Peters Motorsports crossed the line first in Ultra4 class taking home the 100 points, followed by Thorpe Motorsports and JD Racing. 357 Racing taking out the Ultra4 Limited class, Midget Motorsports taking out the UTV class and Triple 3 racing taking out the Modified Class.

Heat 2 set off at 12.30pm giving a good break for the racers to get their cars checked over before heading out for another brutal 1.5hrs. Peters Motorsports held a consistent pace and lead the race till the checkered flag followed by All Metal Magic and Superior Engineering. Unfortunately, Thorpe Motorsports stripped the spline of his swaybar which seen him retire the race after lap 2. JD Racing had a big ride after losing brakes at the top of Telecom Hill and trying to stop the car, turning and aiming for trees. Thankfully after 100m a tree caught their back wheel and stopped the car with both Driver and Navi remaining unscathed, 357 Racing took out the top spot in Ultra4 Limited, Midget Motorsports in UTV and making their debut Ultra4 Race, Roll the Dice Racing took out the top spot in Modified Class.

After a little delay to the schedule with a lengthy recovery to the JD Racing Ultra4 buggy, the Davimac Motorsports Telecom Hill Shootout was underway. The crowd was thick, good music and commentary set the afternoon up for some action. The shootout was fastest to the top winning $500 cash thanks to Davimac Motorsports. Cutting Edge Laser and Designfab getting in on the action adding to the prize pool for classes. This shootout seen action, with ABM wiring losing the back wheel on the face of Telecom, Davimac Motorsports shooting up the bank midway up the hill with wheels in the air. UTV class seen Midget Motorsports taking out the win for class, Cole Motorsports taking out the Modified win, 357 Racing taking out Ultra4 Limited and Peters Motorsports taking out Ultra4 Class and the overall fastest time taking home the novelty cheque and $500!

The night led us into the MadMatt 4wd Ultra Vision Lighting Night Stage with a $500 prize pool and DesignFab coming onboard increasing these prize pool on the night. The drivers were mustered at the start of the stage with no competitors seeing the course until driving it. The banks were lined with spectators with the music pumping and commentary. UTV and Modified class had a slightly shorter course as the rocks for the Ultra4 guys were hard! Midget Motorsports took a clean sweep for the weekend taking home the top spot again. Triple 3 Racing coming across the finish line on 3 wheels to take home the top spot in Modified. Utterly Purplexed Racing crossed the line in top spot for the Ultra4 Limited Class by 2 seconds! Thorpe Motorsport managed to top Peters Motorsports and take the Night Stage win by 4 seconds!

With a new points system for the weekend, seen all 4 races attracting points, it brought a go hard or go home attitude for the teams. Here are the overall class winders;

  • UTV – Midget Motorsports – 400/400 points
  • Modified – Triple 3 Racing – 397/400 points
  • Ultra4 Limited – 357 Racing – 399/400 points
  • Ultra 4 – Peters Motorsports 399/400 points

For full results, head on over to our results page.

Thank you to All Metal Magic for sponsoring a great round 1 of racing!

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