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The race format sees competitors participating in set timed races, in which they aim to complete as many laps as possible. This includes a main race in addition to short shoot-out events.

The tricky off-road terrain includes a mixture of undulations, steep inclines and other obstacles, presenting tough challenges for competitors and entertainment for spectators.

Scoring is based first on how may laps a driver can complete including shootouts. Then the fastest time to complete the laps.

Absolutely! We aim to make the events as family-friendly as possible. Our base camp is where our competitors, family, friends and marshals camp together and set up pits for race day.

Yes. We have drivers who currently race on their own.

Although not required, a pit crew can help make race day easier for you. A good support crew will help you between stages.

A navi can be a minimum of 12yrs old but must be accompanied by a driver who is 18yrs old or older.
A driver can be min. 14yrs old but must be accompanied by a navi who is 18yrs old or older.

We try for each event to have official race photographers. Photos from the event will be made available for viewing and purchasing. Follow our facebook page to stay updated.

We love volunteers! Please visit our volunteer page to find out more.