Upcoming Radius Fabrications King of the Mountain Race

Upcoming Radius Fabrications King of the Mountain Race

Currently with the KOTM race we have some crazy ideas going on behind the scenes so this is only a rough schedule of what we will be doing at the event.

Firstly some of you may have heard that we are looking at running a separate KOTM Moto event on the same weekend as the Ultra4 KOTM.
This isn't a rumour as I have contacted MQ who sanction these events and asked what is required from them.
The idea would be to have a open class of 20 riders to test the waters of this style event. They would have their own endurance race of 4 hrs starting at 8am on Friday. This would mean that Ultra4 will kick off at 1pm Friday.
They would be doing the exact same track as Ultra4 class cars.
On Saturday they will be doing all the same shootout stages as the Ultra4's.
We are waiting to hear back from MQ so at this stage its just an idea.
The schedule at this stage without Motorbikes is as follows:

Race Schedule 
Thursday 20th:

  • From 10am Scrutineering to be held at the Isuzu Tent near reception
  • Guided site lap at 2pm-Helmets Only
  • Free time to do own site laps after that- Full gear required

Friday 21st:

  • 8am Drivers briefing in resort foyer/bar area
  • 10:30am Transponders to be checked at start/finish line
  • 11am Main race starts- 4 hr race
  • 5pm drivers briefing to explain shootout format for Saturday in Resort foyer/bar area

Saturday 22nd:

  • 8am 1st shooutout
  • 10am 2nd shootout
  • 12pm 3rd shootout
  • 2pm 4th shootout
  • 6pm KOTM presentation and Overall Season Presentation

So this is a rough idea at this stage and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact Ben English on 0458 771 086 or via PM on Facebook.


Yes this has been a topic of debate recently so this is what we have come up with.
For this round there won't be any individual scoring of heats or shootouts.
Your score will be calculated on your complete round efforts rather than individual results.
So this means that placings will be based of:

  1. How many laps you have done over the weekend (shootouts are added as 1 lap)
  2. The quickest time these laps were done in

So if you do 10 laps in heat 1 and then complete 4 shootouts you get 14 laps total. We then see who did all their laps in the quickest time.
This takes out people crossing the line to get points rewarded because if they do that and don't complete a lap its a DNF.
Please bare with us as we trial this new scoring system.

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